01. I Think...

02. Imaginary Window

03. In Silence

04. Nostalgia

05. Ruins

06. 7 years

07. Phosphorescence

08. Borderless

09. Tohanabi

all tracks written, arrangements
and produced by piana
(except 8tr arrangement by KASHIWA Daisuke )
1tr piano & piano arrangement by kanae kyo
6tr written by sub-tle.
mastered by KASHIWA Daisuke (studio flat)





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"Muse" review

  一体どれだけの人が彼女の新作を待ちわびていただろうか。2007年に発表された3rdアルバム「Eternal Castle」より実に7年ぶり、pianaの4thアルバム「Muse」が2014年、遂にリリースとなる。
We all waited for this time. The time of piana's new album. It's been 7 years since her last album "Eternal Castle." Her long awaited 4th studio album " Muse" is finally going to be released in 2014.
That was when the word, electronica was still fresh, piana landed like a lost humming bird on the scene. Her voice was fragile and cuddly, and her production was so precociously sophisticated that her music made a great impact on Japanese electronica scene, then she also mesmerized international fans beyond language.
All of her past three albums were released worldwide and sold remarkably, she toured around the world.
In three albums she perfectly expressed scenic feelings of a girl blossoming into a woman, and many was expecting her musical sequels…but then suddenly she just vanished like a flying bird.
7 years has passed and the bird came back with her 4th album " Muse" in her hand.
When I heard this for the first time it totally flipped my mind. You might think it's different from the past but it is just what you'd expected.
She is facing forward to the future.
What strikes me the most is that her softly silky sound was there but it sounded more sharp and wilder with her propelled edited beats. Her attractive singing is still there, but her voice sounds more mature, cool yet fragile, and gently sheered. And often changes to stronger and positive tones.
There is no other music I could compare to piana's. Her style is very unique, when I hear the album, it creates an illusion as if the scenery of the window outside changes suddenly to another worlds.(even though all lyrics except for 1st track are written in Japanese)
To be true yourself, to be sincere towards music, beyond the genre of Japanese and International music, she succeeded to create the genre of piana. I believe that these are reasons that her music is loved around the world.It is tough world out there, but this work showed us the power of what's real. It's your turn to tune in and believe that.